What Makes A Great Infographics


Everyone are into infographics nowadays. From project presentation to marketing campaigns, infographics are all over the place. Though infographics are used, their effectiveness is not the same. Some infographics barely get any positive result while others are so amazing that they are trending over the internet. So what makes these infographics different from each other when it comes to results? Here are some of the criteria that makes up a great infographics.

  1. Story – Everybody love stories. Infographics depicting a visual story is interesting for most people. By portraying a story, it gives cohesiveness to the information in the infographics.
  2. Style – Style is important in infographics. The colour, design, fonts and how the images are presented can greatly increase the effectivity of the infographics. When choosing a style, it is a good idea to consider the preference of the target market or demography. Infographics for teens should be cool and trendy while those for businessmen should contain useful information presented in a professional manner.
  3. Simplicity – The best asset of infographics is simplicity. It explains data, facts, concepts and functionality on the simplest way as possible. It allows people to get the whole idea without having to deal with technical jargons.
  4. Size – Infographics need the right size. It should not be too small for all the images and words to cramp in or too big where too much distance and space between words and images. Medium size infographics are more preferable.
  5. Stats – Statistics is important in infographics. It makes the information more reliable and believable. Stats should also be useful for most people instead of being just a bunch of numbers.
  6. Potential for sharing – The effectiveness of the infographics can only be increased if a lot of people can view it. Infographics which are shared by a lot of people and trending has the best potential to get positive results.
  7. Source – There are people who won’t believe on statistics unless they are referred to the original source. Providing the link to the source of data can greatly impact the infographics.
  8. Problem solving – Though some infographics are made for fun, most infographics offer solutions to issues most people experience. Infographics which provide useful solutions are shared many times over than funny infographics.
  9. Graphs & Charts – Graphs and charts are great components for effective infographics. Using these effectively in presenting data and statistics can boost the results.

If you incorporate all the components above then the infographics can have the potential to become great and effective.

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